CA Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate Arrested at Debate

Amidst the cacophony of insulting chants from both Democrats and Republicans, the party that wants to be heard most at the so-called “green” debate was the California Green Party, whose candidate Laura Wells, had been invited then effectively barred from participating.

Wells and other third party candidates had been invited to attend if they received 10 per cent in a voting poll; only problem was, the poll only included two names, that of Whitman and Brown.

At the protest, Wells received a valid ticket to the private debate event. Tickets had been allotted by lottery, according to the debate website and one person could receive more than a single ticket, if they had won. Laura received her ticket from someone who was holding four tickets. Yet, after Laura entered the lobby and was approached by journalists, she was quickly ushered out by private security and then arrested for “trespassing.”

Wells has accepted the charges and is scheduled for arraignment on Nov. 2, election day.

Whitman’s chief target if she is elected is California’s regulatory system, seen as being the bar raiser for the entire nation. She is also against same-sex marriage. She has aptly identified, as others on both the left and the right, that public worker’s pensions threaten to break California. Brown has labor behind him and while he has privately committed to prioritizing environmental issues during fundraisers, he has suggested that he can still be moved on the state’s AB32 which sets a lower cap on carbon emissions. Neither of the large party candidates are willing to address Prop 13, seen by Progressives as the elephant in the room of the California budget chaos.

Greens support IRV and proportional representation, an electoral system which improves political discourse and eliminates the stigma of a spoiler vote.

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