YES Men Take Survivaballs for a Stroll On San Francisco Streets

Fun video by Polidoc featuring the Yes Men’s Halliburton Survivaballs Escorted down Market Street by “Chevron Minions” during this San Francisco action on November 1, 2009.

Serving up the message of corporate responsibility to San Ramon, CA based Chevron Oil, the YES Men marched down San Francisco streets after the premiere of their activist movie “The Yes Men Fix the World” on November 1, 2009. In conjunction with Global Exchange and other Bay Area environmental and human rights groups, the Yes Men hope to link Chevron’s plan to expand its refinery in the East Bay to human and environmental rights abuses in other countries and part of the United States.

In “The Yes Men Fix the World,” the infamous pranksters, amongst them Andy Bichlbaum, heaps doses of irony to shine a light on the negligence of companies that place profit over people. Clever vignettes, something that crosses between “Ocean’s Eleven” “Pink Panther” and “Get Smart” weave the documentary pieces of their actions together into a great piece of entertainment. This movie now showing across the nation serves up a hopeful and eviscerating commentary on the corporate players of our world.

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