Ashley Judd Rails Against Mountain Top Removal

During the I Love Mountains rally in Frankfort on Feb. 17, 2009, actor Ashley Judd took the podium to speak out against mountain top removal mining and in support of the Stream Saver Bill in this video.

(video courtesy of David Stephensen, Lexington Herald-Leader)

2 thoughts on “Ashley Judd Rails Against Mountain Top Removal

  1. Why don’t you people complain about the wooded areas being torn up for subdivisions and towns? Leave Kentucky alone! Coal Industry is the only thing keeping KY striving! If you would go on top of one of these areas that have been completed, not one of the areas that are still working, you would see beautiful usable land!!! Animals as well as farm animals living there and people can go there and enjoy beautiful scenery!!! So, Please shut up and stop trying to kill our economy!!!

  2. I hope that you, Kentuckian, could use some of your God-given imagination to come up with a new innovation for the use of coal besides burning it. There are long lasting products that your state could lead in devoloping, if you weren’t under the control of the extractive industry of the energy companies. You could create jobs that could then be passed down to the next generation. As it is, you must suffer whatever methods the energy companies push for, methods that actually account for fewer jobs as well as the pollution of your ground water -= thar’s the stuff you make your Coca-Coal-a out of.

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