McKinney Campaigns Through California

Green Party Presidential Candidate, Cynthia McKinney, wrapped up a week of campaigning in California with a Bay Area visit over the weekend. She met with Bay Area Greens in bucolic Fairfax. The hosts, Larry Bragman and Lew Tremaine, mayor and city council member of Fairfax as well as , were proud to be hosting the town’s first Presidential candidate visit. It was a gorgeous day and McKinney supporters had come from all over the Bay Area to hear their candidate speak.

McKinney attended several events while in California, including a co-hosted evening with comedienne Roseanne Barr attended by Greens, 911 Truthers and hip-hop activists.

McKinney has grown as a Green, an identity that she wears with greater and greater certainty. Coy and cautious with the press, she had allowed us to interview her at a Green Party retreat more than a year and a half ago at which time, she was “just getting to know the Greens” from outside of Georgia. Now, having traveled all over the country (though not yet to every state), McKinney has noted the differences. She has also educated herself on the history of the United States Green Party, a somewhat complicated tale that exposes the difficulty of raising a third party in a winner-take-all system.

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