6 thoughts on “Progressive Politics Needs to Build Beyond Obama’s Platform

  1. So it is possible for a conservative to be a Progressive as well, so long as they embrace certain ‘Progressive’ ideas? If that’s your belief, it’s good to hear.

  2. It may depend upon what you mean by a “conservative”. If it includes moral values, it’s unlikely. If it regards fiscal ones, then yes – there is ground on which to meet.

    You might be surprised to know that the Green Party is very dedicated to fiscal responsibility, transparency and local control. There are Green-Libertarians and Libertarian-Greens. You will even find former Republicans, alarmed by the abuse of public lands by corporations and gov’t who have gone green.

    Amongst Democrats, there are Corporate Democrats and Progressive Democrats. Again, while you will not prefer some of the social agenda of the Progressive Democrats, you may appreciate that they are transparent and honest and responsive to their communities, unlike corporate Democrats who are busy writing earmarks, like their Republican brethren.

  3. So conservative moral values have no place in modern Progressivism? I think the founders of the movement would be shocked to hear that. Morality played a huge role in the Progressive Era as evidenced by the temperance movement and anti-lynching legislation that they fought for.

    There is a lot of recent polling that shows that young evangelicals are far less concerned with social issues like gay marriage and instead see things like the environment as a moral obligation we have. I think a successful green movement would welcome that, even if they fear the presence of ‘morality’ in the poltical sphere.

  4. mmm… I think we need to get specific…

    Greens come in many shades, some even anti-abortionist, though they keep that judgement tighter to their chest as the anti-choice/pro-life movement is in direct conflict to the Green Party’s primary value that seeks to elevate a woman’s control of her own life. As women worldwide are abused and left to impoverished lives along with their unintended children, the imperative of the party is to enable women to feel strong and empowered. Does this mean that they want women to get abortions? No. It means that they a woman to be able to decide for herself, rather than a governing body, which has been dominated by men. From the Greens point of view, it is a case of one group holding judgement over another. Ultimately, such judgement must be left in the hands of God, some would argue.

    I think the greater irony is the conservative, and I’m not saying you, who is anti-choice but pro-death. With the number of overtuned convictions we have now seen coming out of states like Texas, it is clear that we have probably put to death some of the wrong people. “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.”

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