The Goode Family Primes for Prime-Time

Mike Judge, creator of King of the Hill and Beavis and Butt-head will introduce a new family this next television season, The Goode Family.

The Goode Family is, you guessed it, green and PC. Here’s a rundown of their characters:

“Mr. Goode or Gerald Goode is an administrator at a community college. He comes from a long line of overeducated academic liberals. Helen Goode is Gerald’s wife, a local activist who someday dreams of becoming an activist. They have a adopted son Ubuntu, who is from Africa. They have a biological daughter named Bliss. She often disagrees with her parents and sometimes pokes some holes in their worldviews. They have a dog who is also vegan. He craves meat and often tries to eat other pets in the neighborhood.”

Does this parody mean that being seriously Green has hit critical mass?

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