Rosa Clemente, Green Party VP, Reaches Out to Crowd for Media Focus

Video courtesy of Craig Seeman, New York

Rosa Clemente, political activist and Vice-Presidential candidate for Cynthia McKinney on the Green Party ticket, calls out for constituents to pressure the mainstream media to give McKinney some airtime. She also calls for independent and progressive media to open up their coverage to Green Party politics.

Few media outlets showed up for the Green Party Convention, that despite it being in a state where the Green Party is an established player in this election. Though NPR was there for most of the convention, reporting was reduced to a few paragraphs and some sound clips, missing some of the elemental progressive messages abundant throughout the events. Even C-Span failed to provide the level of coverage extended to the Libertarians, airing only McKinney’s and Clemente’s acceptance speeches (1hr. 18 min.), in contrast to the coverage offered the Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Debates, nomination and speeches (9+ hrs.). So, the fact that the media is not covering the Green Party is evident. What is not as clear is whether McKinney is in favor of those mainstream media opportunities that might come her way.

McKinney, who has been the target of repeated media attacks in the past, recently told Polidoc that she will not allow herself to be set-up for abuse by mainstream media. The cancellations of interviews cited by Clemente in the provided video may be from either side. Savvy media for candidates includes minimizing potential damage control. Look at Obama and his limitation of debates, clearly a move to minimize swiftboat opportunities. McKinney knows she is in a precarious position as she sets the stage for the Green Party to attract new communities of color, suspicious of liberal rhetoric without action.

Broadcast media, offered the privilege of using our public airwaves through government licensing, should be providing fair coverage to all the established candidates. Before deregulation in the ’80’s, it was a mandate. Any respectable reporter would refrain from artificially flaming a candidate; likewise, every candidate needs to be prepared for the attack if, and when, it does happen.

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