CPD has had it with Google, Goes for Withering MySpace Instead

Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader Calls for an Open Debate, posted: August 6, 2008

The vibe for a quality third party debate has never been more prime, but who would air it? How would it be paid for?

Google recently offered to include Nader in a debate with the Republican and Democratic nominees if he reached 10 per cent in the polls. Now, up to 28 ballot lines, the veteran candidate-activist may well succeed in attaining the goal of 45 state ballot lines which could improve his poll numbers. However, Barack Obama has announced that he has agreed upon 3 debates only, as set forth by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), a “non-profit” “non-partisan” group controlled by the Republicans and Democrats which requires a 15 per cent showing in the polls. MMMM. Obama has not agreed to an earlier consideration of townhall meeting appearances as proposed by the McCain campaign.

Obama’s declaration implies that he will not engage in a Google YouTube debate. The debate was to be held in September in New Orleans, a seat of controversy since the Katrina Federal Response debacle. Instead, the commission announced a partnership with social website MySpace, through a MyDebates.org social networking portal.

“For the first time in American history, viewers of the debates will be empowered to watch the event in real time online and review candidate responses on demand,” said company CEO Chris DeWolfe in a statement Wednesday morning. For the first time? Really? MMMMMMM.

MySpace has good reason to vie for the privilege. Media mogul Rupert Murdock paid $580 million for MySpace in 2005 and advertising on the website has fallen. To attract new advertising dollars, the social networking site is now offering larger ad spaces.

Murdoch recently said Facebook was a “flavor of the month,” according to a British tech news site.

Now is the time Google. The CPD has had enough of you and your open democracy style. Put on that third party and independent candidate debate. Set a threshold for qualification that is reached based on ballot access and/or poll numbers. Provide the opportunity for conversation that the Commission, Obama, McCain denies you, the other candidates and the voters. Play your part in prying open this juggernaut.


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