Nader Sweeps Up Peace and Freedom Party Nomination

Ralph Nader handily won California’s Peace & Freedom Party’s Presidential Candidate nomination in the first round On Saturday, August 2 in Sacramento where about a hundred delegates gathered to listen to the candidates and select from among them.

The candidates vying for the nomination were long time Party for Socialism and Liberation activist Gloria LaRiva who came in second, Socialist Party’s Brian Moore, and the Green Party‘s Presidential Candidate, Cynthia McKinney.

Ballot lines are so valuable to third party and independent candidates that even a smaller party, like Peace and Freedom with its 80,000 registered voters in California have become an attractive ticket over the course of this election cycle. With Nader’s win, the P&F party are assured ballot access in Utah as well as California and add the promise of growing the number of registered voters.

While the meeting was not without some contention, many delegates expressed a deep appreciation and delight that four powerful progressive activists presented themselves for consideration and offered motivation and clarity to their platforms.

More on this story later.

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