House Judiciary Committee Holds Rove in Contempt

Move on Move-On. Progressive groups like “Brave New Films” are out in force raising attacks on a “He-who-should-not-be-Named”using storytelling and the Internet to spark some fire in the beltway.

Brave New Films pushed to petition that Impresario Karl Rove be held in contempt by the House Judiciary Committee (HJC) for his part in spilling the beans on undercover agent, Valerie Plame and the subsequent executive privilege dance. The organizations that got behind BNF’s lead are: CREDO Mobile, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, The Nation, Campaign for America’s Future, Progress Now, and People for the American Way, adding tens of thousands of names.

While it did pass the HJC, it still has to go through the whole house. Brave New Films is encouraging people to keep up the pressure.

Aside from using media in their activist efforts, Brave New Films has produced the following documentaries, amongst others:

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