Columbian Green Party Presidential Ingrid Betancourt Appears on Larry King

After receiving a standing ovation by the French Senate, Ingrid Betancourt, the 2002 Columbian Green Party Presidential candidate kidnapped by the rebel group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), subjected herself to an interview with Larry King who was slow to ask the questions germane to why she had been kidnapped, yet her responses encompass the sanity we wish the media would take on this matter.

King baited Betancourt with sensationalistic questions, but her response laid the most gruesome ordeals of her captivity to rest. “Many things occurred in the jungle which should remain in the jungle,” said Betancourt. She added, “I don’t want to forget, but I want to forgive.”

She is due to address the National Assembly on Wednesday and will receive the Legion of Honour, France’s highest distinction, from President Nicolas Sarkozy during Bastille Day celebrations on Monday.It is wonderful to see this heroic, lovely woman free Her countenance and strength is sure to fuel deep conversation at this year’s convention.


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