California Clean Money Campaign Coordinates in Support of AB 583 Vote on Wednesday

Clean Money supporters are coming to Sacramento from all over the state, including some driving up all the way from Southern California. You can help us fill up the room completely — sending a strong message to the committee and to Senate leaders how people are demanding that we make a major change in the way election campaigns are financed.

Hearing Time: Starting 9:30am on Wed, June 18
Hearing Room: Room 3191 of the State Capitol Building
(There’s a parking structure on 10th street just north of L St across from the Capitol. Bring something to read because other bills may be voted on first.)

Everybody who attends will have an opportunity to line up and say who you are and that you urge them to vote “Yes” on AB 583 and another important bill, AB 2552, which will make it harder for special interests to hide behind deceptive names when they attack candidates (details at

We’ll be meeting at 9:15am outside the hearing room to give out Clean Money “Sweeping Reform” buttons and tell everybody how they’ll be able to make their statement. If you’re a member of an organization (like a Democratic or Republican club or anything else) that has endorsed Clean Money, it will help to say that they endorsed, also.

If you can stay afterwards, please join us in lobbying other state senators to support the bill, as we divide up in groups all with at least one experienced Clean Money speaker to speak to Senators or their staff about why they should support Clean Money.

Please join us if you can, and forward this to anybody who you think might be able to attend! Watching the electoral process in person is fascinating, and by packing the halls, you can have a major effect on helping Clean Money move forward!

Thank you for your support of Clean Money!
For more information:


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