New IRV Video Explanation from FairVote

As a San Franciscan, I take great pride in being born in the small city of two leading spokespeople for IRV, Steven Hill and running mate to Ralph Nader, Matt Gonzalez.

Many municipalities have begun to employ IRV (Instant Runoff Voting) both for its democratic value, but also for its cost savings.

Here’s a current list of where IRV is being used or considered:

IRV is used on the municipal, state, and national level in governments around the world, as well as by non-governmental organizations and corporations.

U.S. governments currently using IRV:

* Arkansas (overseas voters)
* Burlington, VT
* Cambridge, MA (Proportional voting method of choice voting)
* Cary, North Carolina
* Hendersonville, North Carolina
* Louisiana (overseas and military voters)
* North Carolina (certain judicial vacancies)
* San Francisco, CA
* Springfield, IL (overseas and military voters)
* South Carolina (overseas voters)
* Takoma Park, MD

Upcoming implementations in the United States:

* Aspen, CO
* Berkeley, CA
* Ferndale, MI
* Minneapolis, MN
* North Carolina (city and county pilot programs)
* Oakland, CA
* Pierce County, WA

Approved As Advisory or Option Measure in the United States:

* Davis, CA (Proportional voting method of choice voting)
* Santa Clara County, CA
* San Leandro, CA
* Vancouver, WA
* Sarasota, FL

*Ann Arbor (MI), New York (NY), and Yonkers (NY) have used IRV in the past.


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