My Plastic Lays Over the Ocean, My Plastic Lays Over the Sea

One thousand miles offshore, lays a floating mess of micro-plastic, too difficult to fish out with a net. This video crew went out to see this persistent organic pollution for themselves. While they were expecting to see large masses of floating material, what they found was even more disturbing.

“This is levels beyond pollution,” one reporter said. “We’ve changed the composition of ocean water.”

“The world is plastic. It’s a plastic fantastic world,” snarled the ship captain. “It’s our society. It’s our way of life. It’s our food delivery system. They deliver every meal in plastic.”

Language warning for those shy of a sailor’s tongue.

Thanks to alternative media channel VBS.TV for hosting Toxic Garbage Island, part 10 of 12 as well as a lot of other interesting alternative media.


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