Youngest Presidential Candidate, kat swift, Achieves Electability

Happy Birthday to the youngest candidate for US President, kat swift, who just turned 35 and now qualifies for the high office.

One of swift’s priciple platform issues is egalitarianism and she points to the age
requirement of Presidential candidates as one of those isms that is Unconstitutional.

“For my birthday,” swift said, “I want every person who doesn’t
benefit from the system in place to do something that makes
one happy, followed by an action that will take away one piece
of support given to those with power over their lives. Something
as simple as not using gas one day, or diverting that $20
donation from a media-preferred candidate to food for four
homeless people in your ‘hood.”

Speaking of ageism, Ralph Nader, inveterate of the political scene, has come out with a strong platform stance on allowing 16 year olds to vote. It has met with heavy criticism in some arenas, while it has appealed to the young. However, civic engagement is part of everyone’s right, and Nader argues, duty.

Who should vote? Who should run? Who should take part in our democracy? Feel free to comment.


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