Google Opens Opportunity for Nader to Debate

Google will be hosting a debate in New Orleans in September and talk is that Ralph Nader may be included. According to a recent poll by CNN, Nader stands to earn 6 per cent of the vote, that is, if he can get on the ballot in enough states, which is a major challenge for the Independent candidate.

In 2004, Nader said he’d play safe with the election if Senator and candidate John Kerry would take up 3 of his platform issues. When Kerry failed to agree, Nader committed himself to a run. A pounding measure of lawsuits led by Democratic leadership pummelled Nader off a considerable number of ballots in that year.

In 2008, you can bet he’s offered Obama the same. As of yesterday, Obama committed the DNC to refusing corporate lobbyists’ money, though there may be some loophole a lobbyist or corporation could squirm through which Nader would surely flush out.

What other two issues could Obama take up? He could review his health care plan and his stance on nuclear energy. That would please Nader.

If the three (and dare we dream four or five) candidates get to debate together, it would certainly be the most interesting and civil debate we’ve ever seen.


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