Nader Urges the People to Insist on Bush’s Resignation

Ralph Nader sees a terrible pattern of criminality, irresponsibility and fiscal abandonment from the same man who rode into the White House on a wave of moralistic disgust over Clinton’s extra-marital affairs, opening the door to continued abuse of our system. Nader opens the question – who will hold Bush and Cheney responsible once they leave office? If not the new President, then perhaps individual States can step up.

Nader makes a special appeal for ordinary, concerned people to come forward and take on the mantle of politician and recast the role into a positive shape. “We cannot look at politics as if it was a dirty word.”

Thanks to CSPANjunkie, who always puts CSPAN footage out there for the public to easily access. Thanks to Nader for reminding our legislators of the 5 impeachable (and on-going) offenses that Bush freely practices without their interuption.


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