West Virginia’s Governor Race Should be Wild, Wonderful…

License plates in West Virginia hail the state as “Wild….Wonderful”. With a scandal-tarnished incumbent GovernorManchin, this election season may indeed be wild as a Democratic challenger Mel Kessler and The Mountain Party’s Jesse Johnson aim for the Governor’s mansion this fall.

While running for Governor, Johnson is also campaigning for the Presidential nomination of the Green Party of the United States. According to Chicago Indymedia, if Manchin should manage to eek out a primary victory, Johnson is poised to give Manchin a run for his money. Can Johnson run for Governor and President at the same time? So far, Johnson is determined to make history with his concurrent runs. Whether or not the Greens tap Johnson for their Presidential run, look for this environmental activist and ardent Constitutionalist to be shaking up things in Charleston.

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