Amy Goodman, Democracy NOW! Covers Ground in Bay Area

Host of “Democracy NOW!” Amy Goodman has been touring Northern California for the last couple of days.

Today’s show
featured Nader’s Vice-Presidential running mate Matt Gonzalez who had some comments on the CBS Democratic Debate held on Wednesday. He hopes that Nader will be allowed into the debates so that issues which are not currently addressed by the two major parties, like living wage, and election reform solutions like Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) would get some attention from the public. He expects that if people could hear Nader, many would be persuaded to consider him.

Also, Lawrence Lessig, law professor at Stanford comments on Net Neutrality and its significance to growing democracy in a corporate media world. He sees the trafficking influence of service providers as a threat to a system that has, until recently, spawned the development of democracy in other nations as well as our own.

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