Democrats Ready to Ride the Green Wave?

Democratic leaders want to ride the Green wave into this year’s election. Will the Dems shoot the curl or are they just skimboarding?

At the last convention, going green meant focusing on recycling trash and reducing waste during convention week. Now DNCC officials have paid professional greeners to guide them before and after the convention to the next baby step in going green.

“It’s not about PR,” assured House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “It’s about substance.”

But amongst Green Party leaders, the co-opting of the Green brand poses a threat to the party’s membership and future growth and greenwashes the urgent issues at hand.

Co-founder of the Green Party and high ranking San Francisco elected official, Ross Mirkarimi fears that liberal Democrats who have adopted green lifestyle like a cloak, will significantly impact the ability to attract new voters into the Green Party. “Ecological disaster has become so mainstream. We’ve become so successful at influencing the other parties on agenda, that they don’t even have to credit the source.” He said he feels the lament of a parent who wonders if their child will survive.

“The Democrats have the rhetoric but not the substance,” retorts another co-founder, Howie Hawkins.

For Greens, shooting the Green wave would include:

  • immediate overhaul of sustainability practices throughout government
  • immediate withdrawal from Iraq with diplomatic solutions supsported and varying degrees of military presence in out-lying regions to support humanitarian concerns.
  • creation of a single-payer health reform such as in Canada
  • reform of the drug laws and the prison system
  • targeted Reconstruction efforts
  • ecological and environmental justice
  • social justice and equal rights
  • decentralize government and return to local control, keeping tax money closer to home
  • electoral and ballot access reform

That makes the DNC skimboarders in the face of Mavericks.


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