Cynthia McKinney Spreads Some Love into Politics

Revolutionary Love Event
June 10, 2007

“Rarely in politics do you hear folks talk about love. And it really is the one thing we need now more than anything else. We need love. We need public people who are not afraid to show themselves as the human beings that they are, with all of their frailties, with their imperfections, with whatever warts it is that we have. But the one thing we have more than anything else is that we love people, we love our country. We expect more from our country and we are willing to act on that expectation.”

“The reason I got into politics was because I expected more from my country. I read history of my country – the domestic politics , the foreign politics – and I became a mother…”

McKinney carries on with an impassioned speech that addresses the Green Party’s desire to hear if she would run for President on the Green Party ticket. She uses a lot of humor in this presentation and it a unique view of her.

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