Failures in the Democratic Party Benefit Greens

by Guest Blogger: Kevin Gosztola

Progressive Dennis Kucinich’s failure to gain a significant percentage of votes in the Democratic primaries and his failure to combat media exclusion was a good thing for the Green Party. Witness the comments that came from supporters who were thinking about what to do now that the most prominent voice of discourse in the Democratic Party has called it quits to save his seat in Congress.

On the Kucinich Action Forum there was much anger:

“I will still vote for Dennis here in AZ, but after that is done, I will be withdrawing from the Democratic Party. They do not represent me anymore. Ironically THEY are REPUGnant.

I’ll probably register Indpedendent until such time something better comes along, if and when it does.” –ArtistfromMars

“let’s NEVER FORGET what they [Democratic Party] did to us THIS TIME AROUND” –stephen

If Dennis is still on the ballot here in NY, I’ll vote for him. Election- I’m done with the Democrats, guess I’ll go Green –vinnycolletti

I will also be withdrawing from the Democratic party. They have betrayed us. DINOS (Democrats in Name Only!). Like the Who says: “I won’t get fooled AGAIN!” –AnitaStewart


After Kucinich–Green Party is the Only Alternative

Kucinich was the only serious candidate of ideas in the Dem-Repub race. Now, we need to bolster the Green Party candidates, all of whom share a platform most like Kucinich’s. Don’t waste good votes on Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Drooliani, Huckster, Dumbney, or McInsan. –bassclef

Greener pastures with McKinney: After donating to Kucinich’s campaign and seeing what the Democrats have done to Dennis, this supporter in California will be voting for Cynthia McKinney in the Green Party primary. -GregoryW

In fact from Greens:

(Come Home to the Green Party) Articles like this one make a great point. I feel somewhat like this now that Dennis Kucinich is no longer in the race. Fortunately, we do have a choice. The Green Party has been working at the grassroots level since the 1980s to build a real alternative. We’ve elected candidates at local and state level across the country. As an indication of our burgeoning support, Arkansas will hold a Green Presidential Primary Election for the first time in February of this year.

Take a look at the Greens’ website ( If you don’t like everything you see, chances are you’re not alone. But, do you like everything about the Democrats? Do you agree with Senator Edwards on everything? With the Greens, you have the opportunity to get involved and influence the outcome, secure in the knowledge that we will at least have a real and substantive discussion and debate.

To me, the essence of Green politics is (1) we see that all the issues are connected, and (2) that solving our problems requires ecological design where one solution addresses more than one problem. Politicians debate the issues, but Greens solve problems. -JohnWages

Consider McKinney: And after the Dems pick Hillary we will need to have a voice in the 2008 national elections. Cynthia McKinney is running for the Green Party presidential nomination. She would pick up where Kucinich left off. -bruceg

“First, since I am a Green, the idea of Dennis coming over to join us would be wonderful. He has had the Democratic party thumb their collective noses in his direction three times now (once on impeachment and twice as a candidate.)

Dennis has one thing in common with the most likely Green Party Presidential Candidate, Cynthia McKinney. They both had the chutzpah to introduce Impeachment in the House.” –wrolley

The only important issue that I have ever disagreed with Dennis about is his continued participation in the Democratic Party. I understand why he does — without it he would lose his congressional seat by an attack of the Democratic establishment. Only staying a Democrat keeps them at bay from a frontal attack.

But by staying a committed Democrat Dennis feeds the delusions of progressives that the Democratic Party cares about them or about any of the real progressive issues. –GregoryW

There seemed to be widespread recognition of political reality among supporters of Kucinich. That’s why people who try to change the party from within should be supported by Greens. That’s also why Greens should invite Dennis Kucinich and his supporters to discover Cynthia McKinney or whoever they are planning to run as their nominee. (People supportive of Kucinich know a Green Party exists while supporters of Clinton, Edwards, and Obama probably are unaware.)

Many are refusing to vote for the lesser of two evils this year. Amen to that because it’s about time a wave of Americans woke up to reality, a reality Ralph Nader has been trying to communicate to Americans for years now if not decades.

Kucinich supporters should take what’s happened to them and use it as reason to join the Green Party. Don’t hang around and try and support Mike Gravel who is doing way worse than Dennis was doing. And please do not shift to supporting another dissident in another corporate establishment party, Ron Paul, who will only be squashed in due time by the Republican powers that be (they’ve already excluded him from one FOX News debate and can’t wait to exclude him some more; his media coverage is miniscule too which is revolting).

Greens are looking forward to an influx of registration. Think I’m kidding? My article on where do supporters go now after Dennis quits was linked to on a blog run by a Green.

Strength through peace is a Green Party slogan. Democrats still like peace through strength as much as Republicans do.

With the dropping out of Edwards, I was curious if anyone would be dropping Cynthia McKinney’s name in the comments section anywhere. Particularly, I wondered if any Edwards supporters were thinking the same way Kucinich supporters had…

I found nothing on the Edwards for President website. (I did find that Obama supporters better watch it or else they are going to find Edwards suporters that were interested in shifting to supporting him just to be “anti-Billary” will just decide to not vote at all in the primary.)

On Common Dreams, I did find this:

Well that’s it for me.

I’m voting Green!

Cynthia McKinney for president 2008!

Other than that, it looks like the Greens know an opportunity when they see one. They are out trying to sway Edwards supporters to come to their party. I can only assume that a week later (almost) they have been out courting Kucinich supporters too.


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