George McGovern Joins Call for Impeachment of Bush and Cheney

“As we enter the eighth year of the Bush-Cheney administration, I have belatedly and painfully concluded that the only honorable course for me is to urge the impeachment of the president and the vice president,” said George McGovern, Presidential candidate of 1972.

When Ralph Nader called for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney in 2004, few paid attention. However, the cascade of disenchanted Democrats continues as the rollicking Crusaders maintain a power over Democratic leaders.

In her final days holding her Georgia Congressional seat, Cynthia McKinney introduced a bill to impeach President Bush. Since then, McKinney chastised the Democratic Party leadership and joined the Green Party, starting a campaign to win the Presidential nomination for the party in an effort to increase ballot access and voter registration and gain federal campaign financing.

Kucinich jumped in at the end of April with a bill to impeach Vice-President Dick Cheney. Since then, he’s gone on to challenge the media and Democratic Party with direct attacks.

In the meantime, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan has set up house in San Francisco and has begun her active campaign to unseat Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2008.

Now, a veteran politician and anti-war advocate, George McGovern, speaks up “belatedly” for the impeachment of both.


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