The Little Things that Make the Green Party Stick Out in the Press

While all the work to promote the Green Party’s Presidential candidates is going on throughout the states, the continuation of the core work of the Greens remains their local battles. Illinois, California, Washington D.C., Arkansas, Maine and many other states appear to be gaining legitimacy in the press through there local efforts.

Here is a recent example from Illinois beat reporter Kurt Erickson who dares to cover an article in which the Greens criticize the Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich for offering major campaign donor and Illinois State University trustee Jay Bergman a position on the state oversight board. Bergman’s oil company, Petco Petroleum Corp. of Hinsdale, has been cited by state regulators in connection with oil spills at wells in southeastern Illinois.

In 2006 the Green Party ran candidate Rich Whitney against Blagojevich and won 10+ percent of the vote. Whitney has said that he will support whomever the Green Party selects as its next gubernatorial candidate; modestly, he agreed that if he were asked, he would make the run.

Whitney recently endorsed Green Party candidate for President Cynthia McKinney whose weekend announcement that she has officially entered the race has sent a buzz throughout Green Party list-servs, blogs and newspapers.


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