Condolences to Dennis Kucinich

We send our condolences out to Dennis Kucinich and the rest of his family. Kucinich’s youngest brother Perry Kucinich, 52, was found dead in his home today. The police have not cited any possible foul play.

This will have to impact Kucinich’s big campaign push in California which starts tomorrow. Kucinich and supporters have intended to hold a progressive campaign rally up and down the coast by train. The “Peace Train” is scheduled to leave Oakland Saturday morning and make stops all the way to Southern California through Sunday.

While Kucinich has been held on the fringe of the Democratic stage throughout the primary, his appeal to Progressives has continued to grow in California and across the nation. His recent pressing for impeachment of Dick Cheney has garnered him newly energized constituents.

We wish you peace at this time of your loss.

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