Coulter Appears in Hot New Movie "Jaws: The Political Blood Bath"

You know the opening scene of Jaws, where the beautiful woman leaves her lover to go for a nude swim in the romantic moonlight. She is suddenly jerked and then spins around like a cherry pit in a whirlpool of blood. Well, in the new film “Jaws: A Political Bloodbath”, Ann Coulter plays that briefly romantic character.

It’s amazing that’s its taken this long, but Ann Coulter is finally going to take a dive and all the sharks, even the one’s who don’t like to attack, couldn’t be happier since she’s been splashing around and dripping with blood for years. ran hosts the video and a transcript of the dual between Elizabeth Edwards and Coulter on today’s “Good Morning America.” Edwards is generally the voice of placid temperment, a nurse shark, if you will. But as her tail has been pulled on just long enough by a particular assailant, she is bound to defend.

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